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Since she could hold a pen, Chloe Wang has shown a passion for color and lines, and when she was 6 years old, she entered a gifted program to learn painting. During her college years, the works and creative ideas of French Impressionism deeply appealed to her and has always influenced her creations since. After graduating, Chloe soon became the director of the National Artist Association Beijing Sub-association, and was later hired by the University of Science and Technology, Beijing as a leading lecturer (assistant professor). During this period, her oil paintings won twice the Golden Award of the Art Exhibition at China National Museum of Fine Arts. Her oil paintings were collected by some art publications and a series of drawings was published in a top national art magazine.

In 1992, Chloe immigrated to the United States. She set up her own studio and began her career as an independent artist. New York, an art-filled city, has broadened her horizons. Numerous museums and galleries have made her linger. She is fascinated by the magnificent mountains and rivers of North America, especially Long Island where she lives, surrounded by the choppy Atlantic Ocean.

After years of studying and comprehending different styles, Chloe gradually formed her own. From her works, you can feel the flow of air, the change of light and shadow, and interesting painting techniques. She uses bold and elegant brushwork to express delicate emotions, which can give people aesthetic pleasure and relaxing mood. Her works are exhibited in art galleries. She won awards such as the "Best in Show" and “First Place in Paintings" in numerous art festivals or art shows. Her works are collected all over the world.   Chloe also enjoys writing and has published a novel "Eagle Over the Mountain".

Chloe Wang

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